Raffa Produce - Asparagus

The Raffa family has lived in Koo Wee Rup area since the early fifties, after Luigi Raffa migrated to Australia from Sicily. Luigi worked on farms in the area and he and his wife Sebastiana had three children including Con and Lou. Luigi purchased the family property and worked hard growing onions, potatoes, carrots, swedes, turnips, corn and peas. In 1972, as soon as Lou left school, he joined his father on the land, while his older brother Con spent many years working in a bank.

The family decided to extend their cropping to asparagus in response to market needs and also to supplement their income at off season times for their other vegetable crops.

Then in 1988 the family started a packing operation as well as growing asparagus, as Lou explains, "We started processing our own asparagus and we couldn‘t keep up! So we called on Con to help. Con had said he would always come onto the farm when he retired from the bank. You need two people looking after the other crops and one person to look after the asparagus, and we were lucky to have Con. We now specialise in asparagus."

The family‘s favourite recipe is an asparagus omelette, which is so easy and quick to make: Just fry an onion, add 750g finely sliced asparagus, salt and pepper and cook until tender. Beat 6 eggs and add to the asparagus. In no time you have a good snack or lunch, with is filling and great for you.

Source: Asparagus Growers Assoc.


Raffa Produce - Asparagus next at the market Sunday 11 December 2016

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