Adopt your own tree

Nov 03, 2010

How lovely would it be for you to take your family for a drive to pick your own fresh fruit, straight off your own tree.

Rayners Stonefruit orchards are inviting city slickers to visit his Yarra Valley property where 7,000 trees grow on his 11h/a property.

For around $110 - $150 per tree (depends on the variety) you have the opportunity to visit the beautiful property in Woori Yallock to harvest and keep your own fruit (this can be up to 20-40kg).

Len will look after the tree all year for you, or if you wish you are welcome to maintain your own tree. Len will teach you how to prune in the winter and thin the fruit in spring, and you will be welcome to visit your tree at anytime.

This innovative idea is great for a family christmas present for families who want to encourage outdoor family fun!

For more details simply visit Rayners Stone Fruit.

Rayners stonefruit should be returning to our market in Summer.