Finding my rainbow.

Nov 04, 2011

For over 12 years, Swampy has had no choice but to do the km‘s to find a market for his eggs and dairy products. Since sitting at Collingwood playing cards with two mates waiting for a customer to walk by, he has now found his rainbow at Mulgrave.

For years Swampy tried to convince market organisers that a weekly market was the way to go as regional centres had proven this for decades.

‘Whilst a shopper couldn‘t get their ‘toilet paper or bananas‘, weekly farmers markets seemed a logical way to get all your weekly food needs direct from the grower. So when Mulgrave opened up he was excited to be part of the evolution of Farmers Markets in Victoria‘.

‘I can pretty much budget a regular income now (dependant on weather of course) as Mulgrave has such a regular clientele visiting us each Sunday. A weekly market is easy for me to remember and it‘s easy for the shoppers to remember‘, he said.

Mulgrave has fitted nicely in amongst the bigger shopping centres and small independent grocers within the area. It offers a great family friendly atmosphere that is constantly evolving and offering something new for both the shopper and the stallholder. The introduction of the yoga and tai chi is another example of what management is doing to make it a great venue to visit each week.

‘I have a good laugh now at the stallholder chasing that rainbow all around town, jumping from one market to another. I have found mine. It‘s a pleasure to come here each Sunday. It‘s friendly, it‘s well run and the customers are great‘ said Swampy.

The fact that over 60% of the stallholders are still here since the first day it opened is testament to weekly is best.

‘I am making a decent living and can now look to invest further in my farm‘.

‘Thanks to all my customers for supporting me and the market‘.

(This interview has not been edited in anyway...promise!)