A bleak future for our farmers

Aug 02, 2012

Taranaki Farm (Vic) says "The supermarket duopoly‘s claimed ‘support‘ of farmers is one of the most blatant sociopathic lies in corporate Australia."

Taranaki Farm, dairy farmer, decided to point this out on the Coles Facebook page. Coles blocked the post and it sort of backfired on them in a massive way!

Times they are a changin‘... voice your concern and stand up for farmers before they are driven out of business forever.


Seeing advertisements by these duopoly‘s depicting their beautiful relationship with ‘Farmer Joe‘, promoting visits from ‘real farmers‘ in their stores, using celebrity chefs to endorse the ‘freshness‘ and sponsoring high profile cooking shows, all make me cringe when you hear of the behind the scene stories of manipulation, price squeeze and blatant price point bullying.

Such a contradiction, I dont know how they sleep at night.

I know the farmers don‘t!