Spreading the word on farmers market freshness.

Aug 16, 2012

Last week Swampy and I had the pleasure of visiting St. Francis De Sales, in Lynbrook to talk to the grade 1 & 2‘s about farmers markets.

We thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to speak to the kids about the importance of farmers markets to Victorian farmers lively hood.

We detailed how when seasonal produce is ready to be picked, it is available at the market a few days later.

We explained if it is not in season, it is not available.

We even put up a maths problem to explain how large duopoly supermarket chains, make their excessive profits at the expense of farmers future livelyhood.

But we won them over with something as simple as a chook.

We hope we have converted some future fans of farmers markets to visit Mulgrave.

Any local schools in the area keen to have a visit from us, please just call me on 0411 660 553.


Note: As it happened, this visit preceeded a visit from Coles, who had left leaving boxes of apples and banana‘s for the kids with the instructions ‘ just leave the boxes open so they can rippen a little more before you eat them‘! I say nothing!!!!!