Honey Puff Chicks

Honey Puff Chicks

Two crazy Chicks decide to venture to country town Wangaratta.
They have volunteered to make 'Loukoumades' at the Panaygia Myrtidiotissa Greek orthodox church's annual festivity.
What started out as a helping hand flourished into an amazing adventure.
With encouraging and satisfying results at this event, as well as many others they decided to continue developing this delicious sweet for all to enjoy. With true passion and pride of their Hellenic heritage, their Honey Puffs are the traditional authentic, real deal, Loukoumades.

A family recipe passed on by their mothers, using nothing but the best quality ingredients to ensure a perfect product. Prepared and cooked fresh on site, the Loukoumades are coated in a honey syrup, which is sourced from Victorian Apiarists, the traditional honey puffs are also offered with optional modern toppings such as a mouth-watering chocolate ganache, hot raspberry jam and the much desired salted caramel.

The girls take pride in their honey puffs and more importantly offer consistency in both taste and appearance.


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