Weekly Schedule

This Weeks Market Schedule

Sunday 8th May

Blackwood Forest Farms Gippsland (Free-range eggs)
McDonald Track Organics
Spud Sisters
Benny's Berries
Everlasting Farm - Veges - organic and bio dynamic
Cosi and Lisa Mildura Produce
Delgross's Apples and Pears
Garden of Joy - Mushrooms

🧡  Meats and Seafood

Cripps Family Seafood
Otway Prime


Swig Coffee
Little Asia
D'Lish Gozeleme


Daddio's - Sourdough and Pattisserie
Bluebay Cheese
The 3 Bees
2 Castles Bakery
Gorgeous George
Yoga with Nadira
Weyhill Garlic
Easy Peasy Garden Tools
Little Bear Treats
My Private Bake
Alpaca Amore
Hayden's House of Food
Anja's Scones
The Basin Backyard.|
Plant and Wine
Chasney Estate
Oh So Good Foods
Pachinko Hats
Zon & Gordon
Senor Chilli / Rainbow Mama

We aim to keep this list as current as possible however stallholder list is subject to change. E.g. some stallholders may cancel last-minute due to unforeseen circumstances such as a family emergency or car trouble. Please talk to us at the Information stall if you are unable to locate an advertised stallholder.