Whimisical Wanda

Whimiscal Wanda

A clothing range for babies, toddlers and young kids of fun, colourful creations kids relate to and love to wear.

T-shirts, onesies, long sleeve tops, hoodies and trackies in 100% supersoft cotton.

I have one very important and stringent requirement in choosing my products and fabrics – it must pass the Noah test!

My eldest son suffers from eczema, which is a common affliction to many children. When he was a baby he looked boiled – he was so red and covered from literally all over his head to his toes. Noah was always VERY picky and sensitive to what would go next to his skin. It had to be SOFT and feel fluffy or forget it. We have a wardrobe full of clothes which were never worn as it did not pass the Noah test.

This led me to looking for clothes and fabrics from all over the world (partially because he is tiny for his age but mainly to meet the soft criteria). I would buy up samples to try out, but my reject pile was growing. Finally I came across these fabulous all cotton super soft garments. Noah tried them on and exclaimed “I LOVE this”. I knew I was onto something.



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